Celebrating Unity

Today the Cultural and Sporting Centre Nevsky at the residential complex Prince Alexander Nevsky held a celebration of the National Unity Day. The concert was created by both enthusiasts and the guests of the celebration.

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Happy National Unity Day!

My friends, I congratulate you with the National Unity Day! Today, in the internationally tense situation, one cannot help feeling, that People’s Unity is our main strategy and only right one.

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RussiaNational Unity Day


The Lyceum Day

Every Russian knows the Imperial Lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo. It is mostly known as the Lyceum that Pushkin finished, and yet, many prominent people, who brought glory to our country, also were its graduates.

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The Cultural Center is spinning up

Last week at the Cultural center Nevsky was quite dynamic and full with events.

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RussiaSaint-PetersburgCultural center NevskyMuseum


Наращивание мощностей Черноморских портов

Владимир Путин дал команду на наращивание мощностей наших Черноморских портов. И это абсолютно правильно, но только если у нас будет беспрепятственный выход в Средиземное море. Но чтобы он был, надо строить мудрую политику в ...

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Russia’s Patron saint

One of the most revered saints of Russia is Veberable Sergius of Radonezh, the parton saint, who had played a significant role in uniting Russian territories and deducted his life to constant spiritual labour.

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